Product Development and Promotions


Product Development and Promotion focuses on the improvement of products of CARD MRI clients so that the products can become more marketable. PD&P activities include screening and development of products according to market standards and to be able to achieve it, CARD-BDSFI provides CARD MRI clients with capacity building trainings on product development, compliance to regulatory requirements, introduction of new technologies and other marketing trainings.

CARD BDSFI also conducts regular fashion show and other events as way of promoting CARD members products

Special projects

Organic farming – CARD BDSFI in partnership with private agencies conducts activities related to organic farming trainings to CARD client farmers
– muscovado facility – to support the growing demand of MLNI’s market for muscovado sugar. CARD BDSFI is expanding its micro production facilities for muscovado sugar.

FDA Assistance – to support the requirements of products marketed via Chains of Grocery and Super markets, CARD BDSFI assist selected CARD clients in processing their Food and Drug Admin requirements.

Market Access is a CARD BDSFI Program wherein after the products had undergone product development and testing, It is sampled/distributed to MLNI’s Retail and Distribution Channels like MLNI Stores, SM Groceries, Metro Gaisano Malls Etc.

Majority Run Equity Investment

hart new Mga Likha ni Inay, Inc

The “Mga Likha ni Inay” is a brand and marketing program developed by the CARD-BDSFI which had eventually turned into a separate marketing Institution. Please see



CARD Leasing and Finance is a spin off of CARD BDSFI Solar Projects, Social Enterprise Financing and Printing Services please see for more details

Equity Investment Outside of CARD MRI


Equity Investments – CARD BDSFI invest in Social Enterprises that can help CARD MRI clients in growing their business’/livelihood. Some of its successful enterprises that it had invested in includes R2R and Micro Ventures