Supermom: A story worth telling


Len Marie M. Gonzon knows the word ‘challenging’ all too well.  She and her husband were in a single income household, trying to make ends meet raising their four children.  Len found out that one of their children had a genetic disorder and she knew that she had to be present and will have to be the child’s source of strength and support.  Another trial hit the family when this child had leukemia and had to undergo chemotherapy.


Already emotionally distraught, Len and her husband realized that due to their many challenges, they cannot sustain their family’s financial needs with just one income alone.  Len had to find a way to earn while still being able to stay at home to take care of their child.  She started a small fishball stall with capital she borrowed from CARD, Inc. Little by little, they were able to provide for some of the needs of their three children, however,  they still needed more due to the procedures and therapy needed for her special child.


A dramatic change happened when a member of RED LOGO, a direct selling company, visited their community’s center for recruitment.  She became interested and decided to apply as a Fashion Professional.  Due to her hard work and dedication, she was promoted to a Business Manager Level in just three months.   Just this year, she was again promoted to Business Director Level, whose highest monthly sales could climb up to Php 180,000.  Half of it comes from selling the products and the other half comes from her downline dealers.


On top of it all, Len was able to put up her own RED LOGO boutique through additional capital loan from CARD, Inc.  According to Len, looking at her boutique is like looking at her greatest dream.  She never once thought that an opportunity like that would ever come to her.  Her husband resigned from his job and now helps Len with her business and with taking care of the family.


Len earns more than what she had ever imagined but more importantly, she is a full-time mother and wife, and a source of strength for her special child who needs her more than anything.  Despite all the difficulties in her life, Len rose up to the challenges and made it.  She is indeed a super mom.